On All The Other Days

The Adventures of a Renaissance Man

Captain (Retd) Clint Ward



On All The Other Days is a memoir of the multi-dimensional renaissance journey of  author, Clint Ward. It is a rare glimpse “behind the curtain” of a life well-lived, interwoven with epic proportions of high flying adventure sportsmanship and world travel.

After high school, a short stint in Canada’s Royal Canadian Air Force set him  on his vocation as a professional aviator. Throughout a career that spanned nearly 40 years with Trans-Canada Air Lines and Air Canada, he piloted seven different aircraft, including 12 years as a Captain on the Boeing 747.

In his spare time, he embraced a love for the melodic, dramatic flair and an innate passion for the creative: writing, storytelling, theatre and film, revealing the quest of a man who truly embodies the art of reinventing life in real time. Revel in the details of this literary and photographic odyssey of the best and worst of times penned by a prairie boy from Saskatoon growing up in the 30’s and chronicling eight decades of determination, luck, ambition, ultimate achievement and bloody mindedness!

Clint enjoys life in a faster lane than most at 86 and is grateful for an opportunity to share his story that is still unfolding … On All The Other Days.


Clint has set out to tell his story of a life lived to the full; one that I think you will find fascinating. It ranges from the early days in Saskatchewan to a career in aviation and a lifetime in the arts, sports, and community involvement.  I was honoured to be asked to provide the foreword to this exceptionally well-written account of Clint’s journey through life.  I respect his tremendous accomplishments and applaud his fortitude and tenacity in archiving the historical and authoring this book.  You will discover that Dame Fortune has smiled on Clint.  There is so much to savour in this book.  Enjoy the adventures, as this Renaissance Man tells his story

​Wing Commander (Retd) John Lawson


On All The Other Days is available on Amazon In Full Colour or Black and White or Kindle.  316 pages



I just finished reading the book and what an experience it was.  The people and places of Hudson, the flying stories from learning to flying to retirement (I’m almost there) and all the work in Hudson theatre and music are the framework of my life growing up and later on. Thank you so much for getting it all on paper. 

Captain Jennifer Nicholson

I did a sort of a marathon event in reading the book in about three or four huge bites. I think that the book is one of the best biography/memoirs I have ever read (and I read a lot). In addition to the excellent text, the design is excellent as well—the cover and title being worth the price of admission alone. 

Jim Bruce, Aviation Artist

The title is brilliant!! I did not know from where it was derived. I have a feeling this will be a page turner. Congratulations on a monumental project!!

Captain Doug Seagrim

The author has been a friend and fellow professional aviator for over 30 years. During those years we have spent many pleasant days together. I am blown away by how, during all the other days, much he has accomplished so much that I was completely unaware of. Memoirs are not always an easy read. Not so for this one, which is a pleasantly mellow one from start to finish. In a delightfully understated manner, Clint manages to place his personal achievements in the context of history and then give it all deeper meaning in the final two chapters and epilogue.  

Robert Eschauzier   Helicopter Pilot


There is no doubt that Clint qualifies as a writer, musician and athlete. All this falls into place as you read the book. He takes us along on his journey from childhood, then his flying career which started with the Harvard and a classic aircraft he flew early in his life …the P-51 Mustang, and culminated with his retirement many years later on the Classic B747. Along the way he names the people who were involved in his airline career, many of whom are still with us, and many of whom we flew with. His passion for theatre is front and center in the book as is his love of waterskiing. As an astute politician, he advanced the viability of Amateur Theatre and brought water skiing competition from the backwaters to an almost Olympic Category event. This story was almost untold when Clint’s illness saw him clinging to life. Without the tenacity and assistance from the health care professionals, his many dedicated friends, his wife Airlie who Clint says, “saved my life,” this book would not have been written. A fun read, especially for airline people.  

Captain Dave Edward

The title, On All The Other Days, is brilliant. Ward’s principal occupation for most of his adult life was flying airplanes for Air Canada, a profession that allowed him any number of ‘other days’ to pursue myriad other interests, and it is these, tales about flying melded with stories from the other side that make the book a winner, impossible to put down.
Bill Young: Montreal Gazette




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